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Deborah Delano Teaching Career

1995 Teacher Training, Manchester

1996 Brampton Manor, Newham

2001 Plashet Girls School, Newham

2002 Neston High School, Wirral

2004 Calderstones School, Liverpool

2008 Haslingden High, Lancashire

Deborah Delano Educational Consultant

I've been at the 'chalk-face' of education since 1995, working in big comprehensive schools in both inner cities and rural areas. 

Young people everywhere have different outlooks and aspirations but they have one thing in common; they are the future. It is the sacred responsibility of educators to ensure that our young people achieve their full potential and go forward to create a more loving world for generations to come.

Since leaving my role as Head of Social Sciences in 2017, I have developed CPD, as well as student workshop sessions, aimed at improving young people's creativity in narrative writing and to help them face and eliminate inequalities in our society.  

Links to Creative writing  and Equality & Diversity training

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