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Deborah Delano Equality and Diversity Training

We live in a world of complex and shifting attitudes to equality, gender identity and sexual orientation. Schools and colleges are at the forefront of helping young people to grapple with the challenges presented by these issues. The rise of internet pornography, religious and political extremism, as well as brilliant advances in human rights all coalesce in the 21st century classroom, requiring thought, sensitivity and above all, mindful actions. 

It is at this point that I can intervene. I offer high quality, interactive development for teachers and schools in dealing with issues relating to equality. I have more than twenty successful years of teaching behind me, alongside experience of delivering whole school and small group training sessions with adults and youngsters.

I am also uniquely qualified in these matters, having ‘come out’ in the classroom as a lesbian in 1997 at my east London school. My account of this experience is detailed in my memoir, ‘The Things You Do’.  Since that time, I have established equality policies in every school where I have worked and helped both teachers and students develop their thinking and resilience in challenging inequalities where they arise. 


We can work together to eliminate hatred from our schools.


If you would like further information please contact me via my Deborah Delano contact page. I would be happy to tailor CPD to fit your school’s needs.  
Deborah Delano Educational Consultant

Click here to read a short résumé of Deborah Delano's teaching career.

Deborah Delano Fees

My rate  for  a 90 minute session is £275 (including resources and preparation).

Other sessions are available by negotiation.

I work across Yorkshire and the North West.  Schools further afield may incur additional cost.

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