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Deborah Delano Author and Educational Consultant

The Bones of Him by Deborah Delano 
Not yet published

The Portrait of Adie Denton by Deborah Delano 

Not yet published


The Saddest Sound by Deborah Delano

In the late twentieth century, a misogynistic serial killer menaces a northern English city.  He's not a random maniac but a deadly product of his time. and culture.  This is  the story of the women entangled in his web of insanity: not victims but visionaries.

Deborah Delano writter
Deborah Delan author of the Saddest Sound

The Things You Do by Deborah Delano

Here are some stories of my life, and the people entangled in it - of a mother without boundaries and a father who liked 'tae put tha heed oan.'

This book is my version of events viewed through the prism of experience.

My books are available direct through Lepus Books (signed copies)

or through  Goodreads and Amazon.

Please leave a review or contact me. It makes my day to hear from readers.   

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